May 14th, 2006


Random secret of the universe

There's no state of grace to fall from.

There's no innocence to be defiled.

There's no good reason to worship ignorance.

Or pretend the ideal state is 'child'.


(It didn't start out rhyming - that happened when I was typing up a random thought had when surrounded by goths, before I abandoned Ascenscion and came home early to watch Green Wing with Ed)

Doctor Who - Rise of the Cybermen (no spoilers)

I have very mixed feelings about this one.

On the one hand, I thought that the scenes with The Doctor, Rose and Mickey were very good.  The "24 hours" scene was just fantastic, and the relationships between the three of them continue to impress.

On the other hand, the bits with Cybermen in them were pure panto.  The guy playing Lumic was particularly bad, giving a performance that would have been great had he been playing against John Pertwee or Tom Baker, but felt completely at odds with the style of the new Doctor Who.  And the cybermen themselves are coming across as more Dalek-like in their behaviour than Cyberman-like.

Not terrible, but definitely my least-favourite of the new season so far.

In the meantime, here's pure sacrilege on a plate - the KLF's "Doctorin' the Tardis" (itself a mash-up) mashed up with Green Day's "Holiday".
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