May 13th, 2006

how big?

Yet more strange things Andy does : Movies

Had a few people over last night to watch Last Night and talk about silly things.

Due to the fact that I actually _like_ watching movies I ended up shushing tisme several times during the course of it.  I don't mind people exclaiming "It's that person from that other movie!" or "Golly, so that's who Keyser Soze was." or even "Isn't Callum Keith Rennie kinda short?", but when it became a case of actual conversation occurring across the movie I may have snapped once or twice.

Which is why I like seeing movies at the cinema, where ultraviolence is an _accepted_ way of dealing with people talking while I'm trying to watch the movie.

But anyway, I felt kinda awkward for getting a little upset about it, and possibly making other people uncomfortable, but not nearly enough to not do it - the alternative having been to just leave people to talk through the movie while I went and did something else instead.

I also ended up ushering MoBex out of the flat at high speed as they were giving Erin a lift to her bus and it was getting dangerously close to its time.  If I'd realised that they were going to give her a lift all the way home I wouldn't have been so abrupt - so I _am_ sorry for having done that, as 15 more minutes of Erin, Suze, Mo and Bex would have been quite nice.

Momentarily I'm off to Ascenscion, to bop my socks off.  Then tomorrow surliminal and I are off to see Tom Cruise save the world, which I hear is like an extended episode of Alias with a larger budget.  Sounds good to me!