April 21st, 2006


Busy busy busy

Friday - Monday was Eastercon,
Tuesday was gaming,
Wednesday was spent delivering keys to people who are going to feed the cat and sorting out a leak from my upstairs neighbours' flat.
Thursday was spent at Hugh's for an hour, then home to pack, then to a bar to show support for the Beltane stuff Erin is organising, then home to bed
Tonight will be spent on a Train to Kent (4pm - 11pm)
Saturday/Sunday will be spent dead in Kent and fetching/carrying for Dad.
Monday is London
Tuesday is off (unless Monday is off and Tuesday is London - still in negotiation with Zara/Geneva/Flick)
Wednesday I'm on a train back up again
Thursday I'm gaming
Friday I'm going to see War of the Worlds (the musical) in Glasgow with Lilian
Saturday I'm wandering about Glasgow with Lilian
Sunday is Beltane
Monday is off (blessed be)
Tuesday is gaming
Wednesday is off
Thursday is a work night out
Friday is off
Saturday is Rob's party

So, yes, I seem to have overbooked myself _just a little_.

I suspect my social schedule thinks that I'm still a student, with lots of free time.