April 20th, 2006

how big?

LJ and Ads

A few people on my friends list have mentioned the changes in the terms of service that said that people shouldn't use adblockers.

There's an apology here for the situation - and a new TOS is on its way.

Coming at things from an odd direction

It doesn't take much sometimes.

I caught a bus home I've never caught before.  It doesn't stop at any of my normal stops, and if I hadn't been coming from an unusual direction  would never have thought to catch it at all.  I've known that it (and another bus I've never caught) both stopped two streets over from where I live, but that bus stop is in the opposite direction from the bus stops I usually go to, and I couldn't imagine the route that these buses would take to get there.  And because of this the numbers have never stuck in my head.

So when a number 12 pulled up at the stop I was standing at, I decided to take a chance and see where it took me; which turned out to be a very round-about route, spiralling off beyond where I live, down to the sea wall, before pulling back towards the centre of town, letting me off just before it springs off eastward again, heading for Portobello.

It was strange - coming across familiar things from an unfamiliar direction, seeing the same things from unusual angles.  I definitely got a feeling of something I can't quite put my finger on.

Or I could just be very tired.

Computer Fun

Speaking of which, my computer started randomly restarting on a 5-minutely basis earlier.  Something is most definitely up with it.

In the end, I un-installed a bunch of strange things that have accreted on it, and when it restarted it paused for about two minutes as the desktop first appeared, before any of the usual programs could auto-start.

And, in an attempt to get things working I killed off the "explorer" process (which runs the desktop and the rest of the startup process) and restarted it.  Which didn't get things running, but it did mean that when things spontaneously started running again a couple of minutes later, that there weren't quite so many things running.

And lo and behold, my computer is running perfectly smoothly, without any hard drive sounds, slowdown or any of the other strangenesses that have been happening recently.

When I get back from Kent I'm going to reformat the damn thing and start over.  You never know, I might actually be able to resist the urge to install loads of stupid things on it this time.