April 14th, 2006


Things that annoy Andy, number 372 in an occasional series

People that use underlining in web pages. 

Underlining means "This is a link, you can click on it, and if clicking on it doesn't work then your browser has probably crashed."

This has, admittedly, removed a method of emphasis from online use, but confusing people further by using a symbol in a way that its new context has redefined is just going to confuse and annoy your audience.  It's the equivalent of using "Gay" to mean "Happy" in a Queer Studies tutorial.
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Aaaaaand, he's off

To EasterCon.  I suspect most of the people I'll be seeing there are already on their way, but I will, as ever be contactable by email, phone, text and shouting really loudly while within a 5 foot radius of wherever I happen to be at the time.

Ooooh, the excitement.