April 5th, 2006


Things I fancy at EasterCon

Complete list is here, but I'm going to list things that look cool, and a few notes on why I fancy them.

Fri, 1700-1800, Argyll 1
"There ain't no such thing as Free Speech. And a good thing too!"
Just where should SF writers avoid going, and what are the consequences when they go there anyway?

Because the limits of speech - whether self-imposed, or imposed by others - have been fascinating me for a few years now.

Fri, 1700-1800, Argyll 2
Panel to Screen
How faithful can a film adaptation of a comic be? What needs to change; what must be kept?

Because I want to annoy as many purists as possible.

Fri, 1700-1800, Argyll 3
Critical Movements
Can critical movements survive the Singularity?

Because there are two items with the word "Singularity" in them at the con, and I'm wondering what this one is actually about.

Sat, 1000-1100, Argyll 3
The New Calvinism: How Hardwired is the Soul?
Does posthumanism mean uploaded salvation for the lucky few?

Again - I can't resist the word "posthuman" and this looks likely to be one of those places where Gibson's quote "The future is here. It's just not evenly distributed yet." will be usable, no doubt leading into arguments about socialism/capitalsm.
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Long Day

Left work at 5:30 (half an hour after I meant to), dropped down to Lilian's to feed her cats and change the litter trays, then across to Hugh's, to witness him signing the house-selling documents, then on to the supermarket to pick up ice and tin-foil for Ed, then finally home, to collapse and enjoy his birthday.  We managed to watch a whole episode of Due South between 8pm and 11pm.  Also, there was much giggling.

Am now exceptionally tired, and have left the giggling in the other room - 7 minutes until his birthday's over, but I suspect I'll be asleep by that point...