March 25th, 2006



Cheers to guyinahat for letting me know that Radiohead tickets for Edinburgh were going on sale this morning.  I got two tickets!

If you want some yourself, then you can get them here (until they sell out, of course).

Ten points for Gryffindor!

And also for anyone who can tell me what stupid mistake was made in this

if (!OpalControlsHelper.ProgrammaticChangeOccurring)
      this.dummySchemeCombo.Text = "No";

I'm so tempted to start coding in Python, where you can't make this kind of mistake.

Oh, and as a note - I didn't make this mistake, I just spent 2 hours tracking it down.  My current mistakes mostly seem to revolve around unthought of results of multiple sections of event-driven code interacting in unforseen ways.