March 23rd, 2006


LJ info

Cos I know that none of you pay attention to the LJ news communities...

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And in summary

Mum retired today.  Yesterday I was working out what to send as a mother's day present and realised that I could probably get her flowers in time for her last day, so one brief flurry of emails to Mike/Hugh, and an order on later, I had £30 of flowers on their way to her office.  I got a very happy phone call around midday today to let me know she got them.

I wrote the system she worked with - a program that collated care data on all babies treated in the South East Thames Regional Health Authority.  I started working with it back in 1990 and it finally got retired today.  Started off in dBase IV and ended up in Visual Foxpro.  I'm sorry to see it go (horrible though bits of it were) and today feels a tad sad in seeing the end of an era for both it and my Mum.

Also, me and Ed finally wallpapered the bathroom wall.  It was being done because it was so uneven, and the wallpaper makes a huge difference.  Should be able to get it painted now and have it look nice, not just like an uneven mess.  And the wallpapering didn't take too long, which was nice, as it made me feel better about realising that I'm going to have to do the front hall as well, as there are cat scratches in various places that will probably knock about £5000 off the price when I sell up if I don't replace the wallpaper...

Work's going less well.  Adding new functionality has shown up a major flaw in the system that's currently prety much invisible, but will suddenly become very obvious at any moment.  I spent the whole day making gingerly a small change, then undoing and gingerly making a different one.  It looks like I'm going to have to spend tomorrow ripping out a bunch of code that works and replacing it with code that will work _properly_.  Bah.