March 16th, 2006

sleeping doggy

We hates it, we does

Woke up yesterday from fever-dreams, which was odd, as my temperature was fine.  I had absolutely no appetite, which was also odd, but I figured I'd be hungry by the time I hit work.  But I wasn't.  I _stll_ wasn't hungry by lunchtime which is unheard of.  And by this time I was feeling pretty out of it, but I decided to go over and get some food anyway.  Which I managed about 5 forkfuls of before giving up.

About 2pm I gave up entirely, excused myself to my manager, and staggered home.  I then slept, intermittently, badly and feverishly until 8am this morning (with one break from 7-9 last night, where I stared at three episodes of Friends which made _some_ sense, but seemed overly complex).  At 8am I phoned the doctor and got an appointment for 10:00, at which point I staggered down there, was told I (probably) had a viral stomach bug, should make myself eat something (having not eaten in 36 hours by this point, bar the 5 forkfuls of cabbage and an apple), but should stick to bland food, and to bring them in a stool sample, which was more information than _I_ did, let alone you lot.

I still have no energy, but I'm hoping that also sorts itself out over the rest of the day.  I shall thus be spending the rest of the day feeling completely pointless, and wishing that I could be getting some work done, as I have Far Too Much to do, and would like to get it all cleared off.

Bad habits and whininess

Back in the olden times, if I wanted to know about something I'd google for it.  More recently, I'd gotten into the habit of checking out the associated Wikipedia article (I have a shortcut set up on Firefox for so that I can just type "w whatever" to google for the right article).

I realised that this was pretty silly a fair chunk of the time when looking at tech stuff, so when looking into Winny (a Japanese P2P program) I just googled for it.  The top hit was, of course, the Wikipedia article for it, thus proving Ginsberg's restatements of the first law of thermodynamics.

And now the whining.  My initial thought, after returning from the doctor's this morning was "Oh goody.  I can get some stuff done around the house today."  Ha!  Spent it sitting on the sofa watching TV.  The System of the World, the book I'm halfway through (and thoroughly enjoying) has been entirely beyond my capacity to get to grips with.  Simple internet conversations became draining.  On the plus side, I'm in the perfect mood for Friends episodes I've seen 4 times before, because they're the intellectual equivalent of hot chocolate - totally uncomplex and lacking in anything that might require effort.  This LJ post took me about 10 minutes to write, because I kept having to take pauses and gather myself.  Bah!

I am, however, going to drag myself to the corner shop and buy soup.  Mmmm, soup.