March 7th, 2006


Two bits of important news

1) If you knew her at some point, you can find Susan under the name of ninox nowadays.  I meant to mention this last week, but managed somehow to forget.

2) Work was pretty good today - spent some of my time fixing a problem that came up with some AWD coding I'd done before Christmas (things in production not quite matching things in test, to everyone's great lack of surprise), and getting slowly back into the swing of things.  I then caught a bus home, having to stop for 15 minutes on the way when someone threw a stone and broke one of its windows.  Following the trend set by faulty airplanes yesterday I expect to be woken tomorrow by a train crashing into my front door....

This is everything you need to know about me

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Culinary: Frankfurters (microwaved) Because there's nothing like the taste of freshly hot meat product
Literary: Superhero comics Because when I'm tired there's nothing like spandexified people beating the snot out of each other while making witty one-liners
Audiovisual: Disney Movies Because Singing Lions are _clearly_ where it's at.  Hakuna Matata baby!
Musical: Spice Girls I can't.  I just love the SpiceWorld album.  It's pure pop genius.  I shall now hide.
Celebrity: Tom Baker Because he _is_ The Doctor.  We'll have none of your Ecclestone or Tennant nonsense here.  Ok, maybe a little bit

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