March 5th, 2006


Today, I have been mostly....

Mike and Tamsin and Ravs just headed off, having called an early halt to a game of "Citadels", a fairly fun card game.  We've also played "6 Nimmt" (or 6 Keeps, if you're not German) which was very simple and great fun.  And eaten far too much beef, lamb, potatoes, parsnips, green beans, carrots, cauliflower (in cheese sauce), yorkshire pudding, stuffing and gravy.  Plus cake, of course.

In an attempt to walk some of this off, we went for a walk up near Hay Tor.  If you're read The System of the World, then the description of Crockern Tor on pages 8 and 9 pretty much sums it up, except that the description doesn't include the throwing of snowballs by diverse parties.  We also took in a disused quarry, which was delightfully iced over.  You can see it at

Tomorrow I'm off to take a look at Crockern Tor itself, to see where the old Stannary Parliament met, largely because seeing where bits of books are set fascinates me.  Then flights back to Scotland in the evening, and preparations for work on Tuesday!