March 1st, 2006

The Hair!

Answers are a prison for oneself

You can see the original questions here, but I've tried to make the answer self-explanatory.  Well, mostly

I don't consider people to become friends rather than acquaintances after a set period of time.  It's much more organic than that - they're friends because I like and trust them, not because I've been around them for more than X years.

Music moves me because it sounds how I feel.  Sometimes that's calm, sometimes that's raucous, sometimes it's because the lyrics grab me, sometimes it just happens to go thump at just the right number of beats per minute to have me bouncing along.  Music, to me, is pretty much entirely an emotional process, and so in order to explain what it is in music that moves me I'd have to explain my emotions, and that's generally  beyond me.

I'm not equally agnostic, actually.  The only bit I'm really agnostic about is "Was the universe created by a sentient being?", which I consider to be an unanswered question.  When it comes to "Is there a God of Thunder?" then I consider the question itself rather silly, as "Thunder" is an artefact of the way that humans divide up the universe.  And as for whether the being that created the entire universe cares about who we have sex with, or pretty much any other action, I find that pretty laughable too.  Oh, and I see morals as being subjective, and I don't see any reason why creating a universe would mean that God's opinion about the morals of its inhabitants would be privileged.

The idea that people are 'made' for each other is based on the belief that the universe is sentient, constructing things for a purpose.  I find that amusing, and I understand why it's more comfortable for people to feel that way (the urge to tell stories about ourselves seems to be genetic), but it's not something I could even come close to believing.

To put pretty pictures in your posts you can either use a client like semagic, which has a menu option for doing that, or just put in the HTML yourself, using <img src=""> to produce this picture (for instance).

Not that often.  I got fed up with it making me unhappy, and while I do still do things for other people, I try to keep that down to things that are pretty important.  Otherwise the stress gets to me after a while.

Same as any other area of our lives - why do some people suit each other in their taste in food, or books, or sports?  We could all adjust to liking things the way other people do, but see your previous question...

I used to, but I generally reserve envy for writers rather than musicians nowadays.

Damn good question.  Depends on your definition of God, too.  I'd want to check for trickery very carefully (and have others check too).  But raining frogs on command, splitting the sea into two parts by clicking of fingers, creation of universes, etc. would all qualify.  I don't think I could be 100% convinced - I rate the probability that I'm living in VR (or insane) to be higher than the probability that God exists, and both of those are simpler explanations, generally.

Nope.  I'm a "it's all about the hormones" person.

Oh. My. God. Yes.  Just knowing there were people out there like me would have been great.

Depends.  I can respect the opinion of a non-devout person when it comes to non-religious things.  Or their opinion if they can argue it well.  I tend to find myself slightly disappointed by religious people, but not terminally so.

I get a sense of connection out of LJ, and I also feel stimulated by reading things other people write.  I enjoy writing, and getting feedback, and when I'm not feeling neurotically insecure I even enjoy the arguments debates.

I'm a convert to the idea that all sexuality is fetishised.  I _do_ believe that people have a certain amount of innate sexuality, but I think that this is pretty vanilla, and we then curve, bend, contort and twist it as we grow up into a variety of different shapes.  I'm somewhat convinced by the idea, for instance, that we're all at least slightly bisexual, which would mean that being plain old heterosexuality would be a kind of fetish, were bits of your sexuality were decreased and others were increased.  Oh, and I don't really have much in the way of fetishes, barring the traditional liking for tentacles.  Oh, and women.  What other people get up to is fine by me, so long as nobody does anything they don't want to.

Oh my goodness yes.  And that's all the information you're getting on _that_ one.

See the answer to trav28 - I'm not that interested in being extreme, sexually.  I've _read_ some pretty extreme stuff, but by and large it doesn't do vast amounts for me.  I like people too much to want to hurt them, and while I can find people dressed up in PVC/Leather/aestheically interesting in the same way that a peacock or abstract art is, it doesn't do anything for me.

I've never had my life changed by music, so I'm the wrong person to answer that.  But Mr Bungle's "Disco Volante", Brian Eno's "Ambient 1/Music for Airports" and Gotan Project's "La Revancha de la Tango" will all give you something different to enjoy.  Being the kind of person who can enjoy all three is definitely something to aim for :->

I don't think that a Fundementalist Christian (or any other relgious person) is mentally ill - I think they believe things that are incorrect.  Being mentally ill would mean that they were either being a Christian because they actually heard God, or something similar to that.  It's pretty much impossible to disprove God exists, so continuing to do so despite the lack of evidence is just unreasonable, not insane.

Of course Love has made me do things I wouldn't normally do.  And of course I'm not going to tell you what they are.  But I've spent money I didn't have to do things with people I loved, on several occasions, with all of my girlfriends (possibly excluding taromazzy, my brain gets fuzzy thinking that far back).

I don't think I've ever gone more than 10 days without posting to LJ.  And that was back in 2002.

I'm fine with people having different personas online, so long as they aren't doing it to deliberately hurt people.  And as many of the people online are geeks in real life it would be strange if their online confidence followed them offline.  I can't think of anyone who was much less admirable offline than on, but I'm sure there have been examples.  Hell, I'm probably one of them.

You'll get there.  And it'll be a horrible disappointment.  Bwahahahaha.

First song I loved was probably on Guns n Roses' "Appetite for Destruction", that being the first album I bought.  Looking at the track listing I'd say that I fell in love with about half the album at once.

Religion is not the opium of the masses.  Television is the opium of the masses.  Religion was always something more like the steering wheel of the masses anyway.

I met taromazzy at University, when I was after her roommate ninox (both of whom I met through the Roleplaying society at Uni).  I met Gina through the SF and Fantasy soc at University.  I met tisme when Gina introduced me to her.  I met surliminal through LJ.  I'm not a huge socialiser, so roleplaying and the internet seem to have been my reason for meeting the hawt chixxors.

I have a few people I can whine to.  Primarily I have eduard_green, who lives with me, and is therefore available for whining of an evening.  Emails are exchanged with octopoid_horror in which we whine about each other.  surliminal and tisme both get to put up with me on an occasional basis.  Hell, my parents get at least bi-weekly phone calls.  Oh, plus a weekly visit to a counsellor, for dealing with the stuff that I don't want to burden everyone else with.  But that's only been going on for a year, and looks likely to go bi-weekly soon, and then fade slowly away to nothing.

If any of you have questions that have now been piqued, feel free to add them to the original comment and I'll post some more answers later...
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