February 28th, 2006


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how big?

Oh, for goodness' sake

I felt bloody awful at work today - for some reason a cold seems to have turned into 4 days of stomach-ache - I seem to have literally swollen around the middle without putting any weight on, and I'm now too large for all of my work trousers.  Seeing as this happened in the 3 days after I started sneezing, I'm going to assume a causal link to the whole thing, but it's made it damn hard to get any work done, because i've been in near-constant pain.  Even though the pain itself isn't that bad, it makes it difficult to concentrate, so I've been fixing simple bugs, and getting bits and pieces working, but that's about it.

I ended up leaving somewhat early today, and coming home, where I've been feeling too cold a lot.  Paracetomol has shifted it slightly, and I'm hoping I'll feel better by tomorrow, if not for my brother's birthday in Devon at the weekend.

The worst thing, in some ways, is that this hasn't actually been that bad a cold - it's jut been going on annoyingly for 10 days now.  I'd much rather have had something intense for 48 hours and then get back on with things.
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