February 27th, 2006


Radical Solution Time

So, I was reading the recent news saying that the Gender Pay Gap in the UK is still bloody ridiculous, containing yet another example of a woman who worked somehere for years before discovering she was being paid 2/3 as much as the two men doing exactly the same job she was.

And I thought of the simple, obvious answer.

Everyone's pay should be a matter of public knowledge.

You want to know if the useless bastard in the corner is paid more than the genius savant sitting next to him?  Fine.

Want to know if you're being paid as much as someone in exactly the same job in a different company.  No problem.

Want to know if your manager is paying the blondes in the office more than the brunettes?  Knock up your own spreadsheet.

Fuck it - everyone will be embarassed about their own pay for about 3 days - and after that it should knock some sense into management who think they can treat some people like shit because they never ask for a raise, or get away with inequitable treatment because nobody ever talks about it  If they can't justify the pay they give, openly and transparently, then they shouldn't be bloody well paying it.

Oh, and £26,000, in case you were wondering.
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