February 26th, 2006


Blech, urgh, yum

Still ill, although rather less so than I was. Another couple of days and the green stuff will hopefully cease dripping.

I went into work on Saturday to make up some lost time on the project, only to find that the DB2 connector was down in the Test Environment, so I couldn't get to any databases. Instead I wrote a small app I've wanted for a while, which allows me to put #if/#endif conditional compilation-style stuff into the XML App.Config file that goes with every .net app. I can now put different config parameters in depending on whether I'm in production or development, which is damn handy.

Last night rab_the_ex_chef, tisme, diotina and 0olong came round for dinner. Myself and eduard_green went out beforehand and bought ingredients, and then diotina and 0olong made lovely stir-fry/noodles and chicken for us. rab_the_ex_chef went out and picked up some nice crisps and eggs, and made some few mayonnaise, which was also fab. A good time was had by all (I think), and an episode of House and one it the IT Crowd was watched - with the occasional comment from bloody everyone that I _am_ Moss. Bastards.