February 21st, 2006


Playstations and Blu-Ray players

Let's assume that the PS3 will launch for about the same price as the XBox 360 (and anything else would be suicide) at around $450.

And let's also assume that the prices floating around for Blu-Ray players is reasonable accurate and that they'll be starting at $600.

Now, as the PS3 will have a Blu-Ray player built in, who the hell is going to go into competition with Sony by releasing their own player, when they will be beaten so badly on price?


Just back from gaming, which was mostly spent feeling ill and somewhat sorry for myself, with intermittent periods of slaying Trolls and sinking ships (apparently it's not loose lips that sink ships, it's me disintegrating 30 foot holes in their hulls).

Still, I feel better than yesterday, when hot and cold sweats were the order of the day.  With any luck tomorrow I'll actually feel vaguely human.

Tomorrow evening will be spent in, too, which will be nice after a night out at evening classes (I'm taking NLP), and a night out gaming.  I have nothing planned, which sounds like the nicest thing in the world.