February 18th, 2006


Rather large amounts of amusement

The IT Crowd isn't that well written.  It's not that well performed.  And yet somehow I can't stop watching - it's captured _something_ so well that it hypnotises me.

It also helps that at least three people have told me that the character of Moss was clearly created by people following me around with video cameras.

Today it became clear that they've also noticed the propensity of goths to occasionally inhabit server rooms - the portrayal was accurate in the way that only hyperbole can be.

Oh, and I became happy afterwards on discovering that Moss is played by the writer/director of Dark Place, which I would own, if only it existed on DVD.


I've just discovered that (a) Thunderbird has whitelisting, and won't make as spam anything from people in my address book and (b) I can tell it to automatically move any email from people _not_ in my address book into a separate 'unrecognised' folder.

I've now got three filters set up:
1) Everything with ****SPAM**** in the subject line gets junked (that's put there by SpamAssassin on the server, if it scores over 5 - I haven't noticed any false positives in over a year).
2) Everything from LJ gets stuck into the LJ folder.
3) Everything not in my address book gets dumped into "Unrecognised".

This should leave my inbox for things from people I know.

Now, if only there was a way to run these filters intermittently, so that when I check my email from the web client or my phone it's already been filtered, I'd be happy.

Dancing in the Dark

Off to Ascension tonight!  Where I shall shake my funky thang!

Of course, I only got about 7 hours sleep last night, so I may be in need of caffeine - but as I only drink the stuff about once a year that should work out rather cheaply...