February 15th, 2006


It's a toss-up

So, flashing back briefly, to take into account the goldfish-like memory of you swimmers in the glass bowl of the internet, I posted this two days ago, saying that according to recent research people thought they were right pretty much all the damn time, but were in fact right as often as you'd expect if you tossed a coin in the air.  I then apologised for not being clearer in my dealings with people, both reading and writing, and for both jumping to conclusions and being unclear.

You lot then proceeded to argue over whether or not I was being genuine; which, considering the prime cause of the post, amused me no end.  So I posted a poll, expecting it to show something useful.  Which it did, just not what I was expecting.

55% of you think I was serious, 45% think I was taking the piss.  So far, so absolutely as the article says - overall you might a well be tossing a coin in the air.  And reading the reasonings behind your choices they vary between people who seem 90% sure of their opinions and those who are much more upfront about the fact that they really can't tell but it just feels one way or the other.

Well - that's all fair enough, but how about if we narrow it down.  I mean, a fair chunk of you haven't met me - or have met me for a couple of hours at a con somewhere, so you can't really be expected to be that accurate.  If we just look at people I've spent time hanging around with surely they'll be more accurate.  So, going with my own biased opinions of who counts and who doesn't, we get _slightly_ better results, with 65% of you saying yes, and 35% of you saying no.  Which could just be because my friends take me more seriously than the rest of you lot.

Or it could be because they know me better.

Because I did mean it.  I was completely serious with all of it - except that I couldn't resist adding the "I hope you can all forgive me." on the end.  Because as much as I mean something totally, I still can't quite bring myself not to wink in an arch fashion at the end.  Which is possibly _why_ people have so many problems taking me seriously, but that's another discussion, for a different post.
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But it makes _no sense_

At least, none that I've discovered so far.

According to The Guardianthe global spread of English is a threat to the UK..  This is because:
as the number of people around the world who speak English nears 2 billion, the advantage traditionally enjoyed by UK citizens is disappearing, with millions of students in other countries speaking English and at least one other language.

The reports author says
"When we are in competition economically, educationally or culturally, conversing in English alone is no longer enough." The report found that English is not taught as a foreign language in many countries, including China and India. Instead it is seen as a "basic universal skill."

So because everyone else now speaks our language we're at a _disadvantage_?

Oh no!  We can work anywhere in the world, with absolutely anyone and be understood across the entire of the financial and technical industries, whatever will we do!

Can someone please explain to me what the problem is?
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