February 5th, 2006


Out of the way, peons

You may not have heard of the Livejournal Express Lane.  This is a rather nifty feature, which means that paid users get their pages served before unpaid users.

Nearly as nifty is this greasemonkey script (for Firefox) which gives you the option of a little popup telling you how many people you've screwed over to get your page, and how much time you've saved.

According to mine, I'm up to 21940 users and 323 seconds.  Which sounds like it's been worth the paid account all by itself.

I hate my memory

Very productive day, including playing lots of Burnout 2, putting a new hinges on the shed door and going for a nice long walk.
Twas only 15 minutes ago, at 20:30, as I was relaxing into the end of the evening,  that I realised that I haven't actually been over to feed surliminal's cats yet.

Out into the cold Scottish air I go...