January 30th, 2006


Musicals and Mayhem

Woke up this morning to a text from old friend Hal, asking me to call him.

He's moving house soon, and is redecorating in an attempt to make his place more saleable.  Well, he _was_ redecorating until he failed to put his ladder up correctly, it fell down, he went the 14 feet with it, and broke his arm in several places.

So I'm going over on Wednesday evening to help paint (with a properly fixed ladder, of course) and pack boxes.

Today was spent in work until 6:40, making wholesale changes to code, in an attempt to remove large amounts of duplication and make it easier to maintain.  Then I met up with eduard_green and went to see the musical of Jekyll and Hyde.  We lasted until the interval before both confessing that we'd remembered that we didn't like musicals much unless they were also 'spectacles' (Chicago, for instance) or otherwise rather special (I loved Mamma Mia).  So we escaped before the second half, got the bus home and watched the latest episode of My Name is Earl, which is still quirkily good fun.

Oh, and was preceded by a trailer for The IT Crowd - which is best described as Father Ted, only with IT support staff instead of priests.  Looks like my kind of thing, and the Tivo is well and truly programmed.

Now to go to bed early, in the hope of a decent night's sleep. I'll leave you with this picture of a tornado and a rainbow at once. It's the kind of thing Dorothy might sing about :->