January 29th, 2006


Shooting people in the face

Spent yesterday in Musselburgh with a few work-friends, having a mini LAN party.  Derek turned up at midday in his car, we shoved my PC, monitor, keyboard, etc. into the boot and headed off (oh, and the Bongos for Donkey Konga, of course).

The first hour was spent fruitlessly trying to get ICS working on his machine, before deciding that AOL wasn't compatible with it (yes, I know, but it's not my connection, so what can I do?).  We then gave up, and decided to play what games we could, starting with some Quake 4 deathmatch.  Which was great fun, but would have been better if it hadn't kept crashing on my machine.  So, after an hour of that (where I did pretty well, except for the crashing wiping out my score every ten minutes or so), we switched to UT 2004.  Which was actually more fun, and _didn't_ crash. 

This carried on for another hour or so (with me doing ok, but not as well as I had at Q4), before we switched to the Dreamcast for some Virtua Fighter, then the GameCube for some Soul Calibur, then back to the DreamCast for Rush 2049, which made me an instant convert to the battling car frenzy.

We then enjoyed a brief go on Burnout 3 on the XBox, before I was given a lift home, 8 hours of gaming having worn me out entirely :->

Stupid design decisions

I recently bought a Carbon Monoxide detector, on the grounds that I'm grumpy and stupid enough in the morning s to not need chemical assistance.  It comes with a leaflet detailing its operation and where you would need to install one.

It says that I should have one in the bedroom if I have a gas fire in there (which I do).

It mentions that the power light will flash once per minute.

And it also states that it should be placed about 15 cm from the ceiling.

So, they want me to have a flashing light in a prominently visible place in my bedroom.  _That's_ going to help me sleep better.

Tonight it's lying on the floor.  Tomorrow I'll tape over the light...