January 22nd, 2006



Started early when I arrived home from the party of ratmist and call_waiting, wherein there was nice snack-food, good conversation (including one where marrog was claiming to have knowledge of moral absolutes, through sheer feminine intuition), and I got to talk about the fiddly bits inside computers  with call_waiting (and by inside, I mean how chips get created, and asynchronous CPU design).  Also got to meet a few new people, see marrog and adrenalineanima, tisme and rab_the_ex_chef, time_for_tea  and tequilamonster, and of course padmini and 0olong which was all good.

Anyway, 9 hours of sleep later, I bounced out of bed, dragged myself to Morrisons, where I bought all of the household stuff I'd allowed us to completely run out of (washing powder, etc), dropped it all off at home, and then headed over to George's to play Poker.

Miraculously I came out £24 ahead.  We were playing Texas Hold 'Em for £5 a game, and I came second once (getting £10) and first once (getting £20), followed by winning a £1 stake game of Blind Hold 'Em.  I feel remarkably happy about this, despite the fact that it was probably mostly lucky cards (and George and Rob both having terrible hangovers didn't hurt either).

Bumped into old friends Hal and Phil (and their two kids), and walked them back to their place.  It was good to catch up, and I'll have to see them again.

Then on to see surliminal, where I made food, read papers, and discussed TV.  Which was all rather nice. 

And then home.  to write it all up, hang up my washing, and get an early night.

Things also achieved:
Ordered a carbon monoxide detector for my bedroom.
Sorted out my Tivo so that I can connect to its web interface from the internet.
Got a database set up to manage GTD so I can be more organised.
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