January 4th, 2006


The stupidity of the Andy

I wandered kitchenwards this morning for breakfast, poured the last of the SoyMilk into a bowl, realised there wasn't really enough, and added in some of the normal milk we have.  It seemed to separate slightly, but I wasn't too worried, as I figured I could just stir it all back in.  So i stuck it in the microwave for the normal minute, got it back out, and stared in horror at the appalling mess in the bowl.  "Must have gone off," I thought, and washed it down the sink.

Then I grabbed the rest of the ordinary milk, and started to pour it into the bowl.  And realised we don't have any ordinary milk - but we do have aremarkably similar carton, containing apple juice.

Strangely, no breakfast cereal for _me_ today.

Security  through being a pain in the ass

I was conversing (via email) with channelpenguin about a problem I was working on in C#, and wasn't managing to make myself entirely clear, so I decided to email over the test project I was working with for her to take a look at. So I zipped up the folder, attached it to an email, and hit send.

And got an instant reply from our outgoing mail server saying "This has an EXE in it.  You can't send these without talking to the IT security department."

Remembering the last conversation with them that I'd had about this kind of problem, I recreated the zip file, this time with encryption turned on, so that our outgoing email server would ignore its contents, and hit send again.

And got an instant reply from _her_ outgoing mail server saying "This has an encrypted ZIP file attached.  You can't send these without talking to our IT security department."

On the one hand, I'm very glad that our respective security departments are protecting us from ourselves, but good grief, they certainly make it tricky to send things back and forth.