January 1st, 2006


Happy New 2006

I was at a party hosted by Bex and Morag, where many silly things were discussed, a fair chunk of alcohol was drunk (little of it by me) and the Edinburgh fireworks were watched from close up (their flat being about 300 yards South of the castle).

Then me and Ed walked home, which took just over an hour, hence the 3:30-ness of this post.

Night all - and may you enjoy the New Year, whenever it reaches you!

You can do better than this!

So far - many silly suggestions (favourite - not cause Earth to plummet into the Sun), two monitor resolutions (1024x768 and, strangely, 1028x768), some snark, and four serious ones:

Cut hair (not happening - but "look after hair" is possible)
Go to Church (done that, doesn't work for me - I ought to write an entry about it though)
Change Cat Litter regularly (which strangely _didn't_ come from my Ed)
Do something special by yourself for yourself (which is nice, but altogether too vague - I mean, does playing Prince of Persia for 5 hours yesterday count???)