December 31st, 2005


What should my resolution be?

I don't have any specific New Year's Resolutions - apart from a general "Not Fuck Up 2006 in the same way I did 2004/5." - so I'm throwing this open to everyone. Voting will stay open until the 3rd (by which point most people will have got some internet access again) and I'll pick 5 of the suggestions and you can vote to see what I should change about my life. After all, you're all going to be more objective about my life than me - I'm sure you can think of something I should be doing with it that I haven't.

I think Andy's New Year's Resolution should be

Oh, and nobody can see your suggestion, so feel free to be out there, or make them snarky - nobody but me will see them. I may reprint the funniest ones anonymously, of course :->