December 30th, 2005



Dad and Hugh both got given bunches of board games for Christmas.  We came back up from Kent yesterday, and I said bye to Hugh and Meredith at 8-ish.  I was then back over at his today to play more boardgames.  And then I came home and Susan/a_pawson came over, bringing board games with them...  I have, thereore, over the last week played vast amounts of games including:

Settlers of Catan, Caylus, Puerto Rico, Carcassone, Bausack (which is not actually a board game, but more like Jenga in reverse, with bidding), Fluxx and World of Warcraft (which was much better than I expected and very good fun - usually board games of other media are terrible cash-ins).

I look forward to getting a few more games in here and there before work starts again on the 3rd...

What do they teach them nowadays?

laserboy was given an assignment that meant going through 28000 records in a spreadsheet and merging duplicates together.  He asked for help, as that's a horrific job that would take weeks of mindnumbing work (and involve numerous errors along the way).

So I wrote some VBA to do it for him - which took me 45 minutes - and would have taken 20, if I hadn't forgotten most of my VBA...

There really ought to be an easy way of getting in contact with a freelance coder and getting them to do simple tasks for cheap.  We have a Business Programming Team at work, who do this - but if you're a teeny company that's not terribly viable as an option.