December 17th, 2005

Flying Squirrel

EU Budget shenanigans

So, the EU budget is sorted for the time being.  It had become sadly obvious that the CAP was not going to be dealt with at this budget meeting, but at least it will be looked at again in 2008, 5 years ahead of when it would have been reconsidered.  And with the whole budget being looked at then, hopefully something will finally be done about this horrific abberation.

Best Narnia Review Evar!

The children quickly point out their character traits - in wartime Britain, character trait rationing was in full effect and thus the children are only allowed one each. Susan is so cold and rational that she makes the Terminator look like Papa Smurf, Peter is The Leader, Lucy - charming Lucy, always my favourite character from the books - is innocent, and Edmund is Starscream.


Jadis, however, decides that it's gone horrifically wrongly, and she just has to stab him to death after reading from the Generic Fantasy Villain Handbook for a few pages. Aslan, however, has a trick up his sleeve - he knows full well that he's a big fat Lion-shaped Jesus allegory, and so totally comes back from the dead, citing the AD&D player's handbook as he does so.


Anyway, Aslan returns with all of his gang, and totally rips the fuck out of Jadis in probably the most satisfying lion-based disembowelling ever, showing the Romans that two can jolly well play that game. Straight after that, they have an award ceremony. Everyone's there, even Chewie and Han, and they've polished up R2-D2 specially. Luke smiles, and the classic John Williams music comes in.

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