December 3rd, 2005



This month's comics parcel arrived yesterday.  In it were a few things:

Lucifer #68 - the only comic I'm buying in issue form for the moment (and over a year now).  Still amazing, and leaving things on a ridiculous cliffhanger yet again.  7 issues to go until it's all over, and I'm torn between not being able to wait and not wanting it to end.

Superman: Godfall - I can't remember who recommended this to me, but I'd like to hit them with a large stick.  Confusing, badly written nonsense.  There was a nice idea behind it (A powerless superman living in a racist Kryptonian society), but it was just mangled to hell and back.

I Can't Believe It's Not The Justice League - a sequel to Formerly Known As The Justice League.  If you like Giffen/DeMatteis Justice League then you'll like this.  If ridiculous banter and silliness aren't you thing then you won't.

Supreme Power Volume 2 - JM Straczynski has another take on Superhumans in the real world, and it works much better than Rising Stars.  On the other hand, Rising Stars started well, so this may go similarly wrong in the long run.  However, the first two collections have both worked well, and if anything it's been getting better.  The first book was too self-consciously riffing off of various DC myths, and this one feels much more like its own thing.  I'll be picking up book 3 with my next order.


The Movies is a game recently released for the PC.  As a game, it's supposed to be a rather fun management sim, with lots of silliness based around different genres of movie, dealing with stroppy actors, and trying to put together an epic on a Roger Corman budget.

What seems to have been less focussed on is that you can also use it to make movies, and then either share them with your friends or upload them to the central servers where other people can rate them and post comments.  See here for the charts - some of them are great.

On the humour front I recommend Intelligent Design which includes the classic line "The Nazis had scientists, you're not a Natzi, are you Johhny?", while slightly more seriously this is a remake of the 1940s King Kong.

How to make very lazy backups

As we all know, we really should make regular backups of our data, just in case something bad happens to our computers.

As we all also know, almost nobody actually does this.

I started about three months ago, when I bumped into a recommendation for Data Deposit Box.  I installed their client on my PC, told it to back up nothing except the My Documents folder, and well, that was it.

It keeps up to 3 previous versions of anything it backs up (and can keep uo to 28 if I so wished), works whenever I'm idle, and charges 1 cent per MB per month.  Which, for me, works out to about 54 cents per month.

Now, this doesn't include lots of photos, or my video collection, or my MP3s.  This wouldn't be a terribly cheap way of doing that - if I wanted those to be safe I'd burn them all onto a few DVDs and hand them to a friend to look after.  But for storing the few important documents I have, it's an almost invisible cheap way of making sure that everything is safe.

I recommend it.