November 17th, 2005


I still live!

I just spent an hour behind my TV, trying to sort it so that two situations exist at the same time:
1) When Ed turns the TV on, he can just watch Cable/Tivo without having to press 15 buttons, twiddle various dials, pull levers and wait for lightning to strike.
2) When I watch DVDs (and TV, should I feel like it) the sound goes through my Amp and I'm surrounded by the glory of 5.1 surround sound.

Surprisingly, doing both of these at the same time requires quite a complicated process of
1) routing signals from everything except the Tivo directly into the amp (because I only want to hear them in surround sound).
2) Routing the Tivo signals into the SCART switch, then back out of it again into the amp (so that I can hear stuff from the Tivo in surround sound).
3) Connecting the amp into the SCART switch (this is because the TV only has one SCART input, so everything needs to be plugged into the SCART switch at some point, if the signal is going to get to the TV).
4) Connecting the SCART switch to the TV.

It's a pretty horrid set-up, and one that would be vastly simplified if I could just get the TV to automatically turn to the AV input when it was turned on.  I've ascertained that it's pin 8 I'd need to wire up in order to do that, but I'd need a decent electronics person to wire something like that up, and sadly I don't know one.

Anyone in Edinburgh care to volunteer?