November 13th, 2005


The Tiredness!

I was rather worried when I got to Bitch - almost nobody I knew was coming, and there were only about 6 people there.  Fortunately, neferet and her harem arrived shortly later, so we chatted to them, and then dapperscavenger arrived a it later, wearing a rather fantastic hat.  Around that time the place started to fill up and the music improved, at which point I cheered up significantly.

Dancing went on until 2:00 last night, when the combination of tiredness and 5 crap songs in a row drove me and channelpenguin towards home.  Luckily Ed had gotten out the spare bed before going to bed, so we didn't have to wake him when we got in.

I was then woken at 9am, by someone delivering my replacement credit card (the old one having vanished during my tidying about 10 days ago).  I have no idea why they deliver cards on Sunday, but after 6 hours sleep I wasn't in a terribly sentient mood, so I grunted, signed things, and then stared vacantly into space, it being far too bright for me to fall asleep again.

channelpenguin then departed to meet up with Saint, leaving me and eduard_green to potter around the flat for a bit, before heading to B&Q to buy the tools for the final bit of redecoration needed - the replacement of two badly-fitting bookshelves with some wallmounted shelves.  We are recycling the wood we have, so we picked up a jigsaw for cutting them to size, as well as various brackets and other bits and pieces.  Then back home, to chop things up, and drill holes in walls.

Sadly, my device for telling where the electrical cables are turns out to be about as much use as a chocolate whelk, so the rest of the drilling will have to wait until Tuesday, when I can get to B&Q and verify that putting a spinning bit of metal in the wall wont blow me halfway across the room and make my hair _even frizzier_.

Meanwhile, in the supermarket earlier today they had a bargain bin of DVDs including My First Mister, a film with the remarkably hawt Leelee Sobieski in it, so that's going to get watched over Pizza in 15 minutes.

And then I shall kill time until I can reasonably pole-axe into my bed for a good 10 hours.

Bah, and Yay!

Dropped "My First Mister" after half an hour. It was ok, but felt far too much like a TV movie, and with my tiredness, I just wasn't able to get into it.

Instead we watched Rosencrantz and Guildernstern Are Dead (Ed's Rickman fetish having transferred to an Oldman fetish, via Prisoner of Azkaban).

If I could play one role in anything, ever, it would be Richard Dreyfuss' role as the Lead Player in the movie. He's just amazing.

If I could embody one role in one play/film/TV show, ever, it would be...