November 12th, 2005



channelpenguin is visiting for the day, so we've been all over Edinburgh.

Went to see Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, which was surprisingly good - it's written and directed by Shane Black, who wrote some fantastic action movies in the late 80s/early 90s, and then vanished from view.  He's now back, and while he's still doing an action movie, it's  very self-knowing one.  In bits it reminded me of Adaptation, only much more emotionally engaging (and more, y'know, action).  Anyway, if you're a bit of a jaded action movie fan, then I highly recommend it.  especially if you like Robert Downey Junior or Val Kilmer, both of whom put in great performances here.

Then over to see tisme briefly, before abandoning her to interviews and going on a walk along the Water of Leith.

Soon I'm off to Bitch, where I plan to dance a lot. With any luck both dapperscavenger and neferet will be there.   I don't dress up for these things, but channelpenguin is making up for both of us.

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