November 10th, 2005


Telewest News

More for reference for me than anything else - here's what Telewest are up to at the mo, with Video On Demand, DVRs and HDTV.

Our VOD roll-out is continuing and is now available to around 62% of our digital TV subscribers. We plan to complete the national roll-out by the end of this year, earlier than initially anticipated. The service is branded "Teleport" and we have recently expanded the content available, including an increase in the number of movie titles to well over 300. We expect to launch a music on demand service later this month.

We are planning to pilot a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) service with a number of customers in early December 2005. At the same time, we will be pre-registering customers on our website, ahead of the full national commercial launch early in the first quarter of 2006. We have branded the service "TV Drive" and it will be charged at £10 to £15 per month. TV Drive customers will receive a 160Gb, three tuner, HDTV compatible Scientific Atlanta DVR. For an extra £5 per month, customers can use their existing digital set-top box as a second box in the home (additional outlet),
representing a £10 discount on current pricing.

We plan to launch HDTV at the same time, becoming the first platform in the UK to offer HDTV to our DVR customers. We have recently secured HDTV content from the BBC and others and we plan to extend this over the coming months.