November 6th, 2005


Great. Just Great.

I'm hosted in the US, but I'm registered with Zetnet, because apparently being a UK registrar is a pain, and Zetnet seemed like reasonable people to leave the registration with.

Only they sent me a letter a couple of weeks ago indicating that I would shortly have to hand them some cash. Which, as I was busy worrying about showers not working, and the like, I put to one side.

Today, I go to check my email and discover that the domain I and my family use, has just vanished into the ether. Checking the domain records, it appears that the registration actually lapsed in _September_ - I didn't even get the reminder until about 10 days ago.

Oh, and their tech support _isn't open on Sundays_. Which is beyond useless, into worse than useless.

So, yes, I should have done something about it. But a single letter and not even a red bill seems a tad limited in the customer maintenance side of things.

Anyway - I will be available at until I get back up and running (there will be shouting tomorrow, and paying of bills). If you've sent me any email, send it to me again, there.

Anyone want to recommend someone to take over my domain registration who will remind me that I'm about to lose the domain name before it vanishes? Or just take a direct debit?

The Plague!

I have the worst disease on the planet.

Worse than SARS.

Worse than Ebola.

Worse, even,  than Avian Flu.

I have _man_ Flu.

Which is admittedly exactly the same as a cold.

Only in a man.

Which means it contains 300% extra whinging.

I have some night nurse, thankfully, so I intend to veg in front of the sofa with Sense & Sensibility, and then get an early night.

Tomorrow - sorting out my domain so I can get email from my normal address again, looking at curtains, and dealing with plumbers as they finish off the shower.

If, y'know, I survive this vicious case of the sniffles.

You really couldn't make this up

Although they did, and it was called Yes, Minister.

missedith01 talks about being invited to give her views about the new terror legislation.  The questions include:

Do you think that our laws should be updated to cope with the current security threat? (Yes/No/Not sure)
Do you think the government should make sure there are new safeguards to protect innocent people? (Yes/No/Not sure)

Marvellous stuff.