October 31st, 2005


Days of Plumbing

Today I was off work, because a plumber was arriving to take my shower out.  It's been leaking slightly, and I needed it sorted before it started causing major problems.

Sadly, as soon as he started dismantling the cubicle he discovered that the tiles were extremely badly fitted.

And also that the cubicle had been so badly fitted that it had to be thrown away.

And, shortly thereafter, that because of this, the internal plasterboard wall was soaked through, and needed to be replaced for about 4 feet in all directions.

So as soon as he left, surliminal gave myself and Ed a lift to Easter Road, where we quickly discovered that the B&Q there didn't stock a decent range of showers.

So we walked home, measured things, and then caught a bus to Kinnaird Park, where we chose new tiles, a new door/wall for the shower and miscellanious other bits and pieces.

Then came home and stripped all of the remaining sealant from the shower tray (which is the one bit that can be re-used).

This is not how I meant to spend my day.
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