October 27th, 2005


Disgruntled Pussy

eduard_greenwent into hospital yesterday for a couple of days (nothing serious, he'll be out on Saturday, and it was planned), so I'm on cat duty, as well as visiting him today.

Of course, before going in he completely neglected to tell me we were out of cat litter _and_ the nice catfood.  So when I went to feed the cat last night I had a very disgruntled Denver staring at the Cheap-O-Food and then staring at me with a pointed "What the hell is this?  When did I start eating cardboard???" look.

I managed to pick up some decent cat-food on the way home from the hospital, but Sainsburies didn't have litter, so I'll be back off out tomorrow to pick that up.  In the meantime, Denver is at least talking to me again.

I'm completely exhausted, but I've taken tomorrow off work, so I plan to sleep in late and then potter about the flat, tidying up the last of the apocalypse.

Sometime in the next couple of weeks I'll be having a sale-day.  I have around 200 videos and 4 crates of books that have to go, and am planning on selling them all off cheap (£1 a video, 50p a book), which may interest a few of you - especially the ones with no taste (or a hankering for the complete Babylon 5).
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