October 23rd, 2005


It's been a long day, and it's only midday

I left surliminal's at 6:40 this morning, trying to get out without waking her, but not being terribly successful.  I then wandered down the road and met dapperscavenger at 7:00, and she drove me to Stirling.  There was fuck-all open for me to buy her breakfast at, except for McDonalds - so it was breakfast muffins all round - mine was actually delicious, and almost made me wonder why I hadn't been there in years :->

Then we wandered up the road and rang on the doorbell of my old flat for 8:00.  gld199 let me in and then broin helped us get large numbers of boxes out of my old loft, where they've been sitting for the past 3 years.  That took until 10:15, and then we dashed back to Edinburgh in an hour flat, where eduard_green helped us unload everything in 20 minutes flat, which was great.  Then I waved goodbye to dapperscavenger who drove off to return the van(which had to be back  by midday - the ridiculous reason we'd been up so early in the first place).

I'd like to say a huge thank you to all of the above for making it all possible, and also to Saint and Sarah who lent a hand here and there (Sarah nicely watched the van with her lovely dog Blue, so we could leave it open while carrying stuff down the stairs).

I now have another few hundred books, and about 10 boxes of comics.  This is going to require fairly intensive sorting out, and some pretty ruthless throwing away, if I'm ever going to see my bed again...

Getting less mature by the minute

Taking a 30 second break from choosing which books to dispose of, I spent 15 minutes chatting to rainstorm and then found this:

Having giggled like a 13-year-old, I'm now going back to deciding that I _really_ don't need a copy of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.

Some notes and a cheer

I have my Transmetropolitan Collection, my Preacher collection, my Sandman hardbacks, my Dave Mckean books, the first few Barry Ween collections and my Zenith collections (if only they'd release the last volume).  I am rather happy.

Oh, and my Thomas Covenant Sextology, of course.

The rest of you will have to just live with The only debate on Intelligent Design that is worthy of its subject (cheers to laserboy for the link)
running lego man

Status update

I have emptied 13 boxes, of which I have filled 2 (one large, one small) back up with "books to go".

I have 3 small boxes to go, plus three large crates (the ones that loaves of bread are usually stacked in in supermarkets, stolen by me when I was out for a midnight walk 10 years ago, avoiding packing when moving house) full of books.

My shelves are full, but fortunately two of those shelves have stuff on that will be going next weekend (videos of Erin's), and I have two more shelving units waiting to be screwed to the wall (probably tomorrow night).

All in all, I'd say that I would be totally fed up with boxes, if I didn't keep on finding cool stuff inside them.

Going to stop now, hang up some washing, brush my teeth and collapse unconscious.  The rest can wait until tomorrow night.
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They should be taken out and shot

I just opened some junk mail that had arrived here for tisme - offering credit - "No matter your credit history", at the low, low rate of 29.9% - but with the first week only costing £1!

Oh, and you had to buy from their store, where they were selling wide-screen TVs, over-priced computers and "authentic" leather beds.

So, they're aiming it at people with no money, a history of bad debt, a taste for stupidly expensive things, and no idea that 30% interest rates are a mindnumbingly horrible rip-off

They should all be fucking shot repeatedly through the head.
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