October 14th, 2005


*breathes a sigh of relief*

I'm crap with money.  Really.  I spent many years spending more money than I had, because I was completely incapable of not buying little things here and there.

I got myself mostly in order about 6 months ago - consolidated my various debts into one, and started paying it off with a large chunk of my income, with the idea being that it would take about 18 months and then I'd be debt free (and suddenly have about £400 a month more to live in than I'd been used to).

I still wasn't managing to live terribly well within my means though.  Take-out and reading material always seemed like fairly small things to pick up, especially when I was tired.  But this time last month I got so fed up with the situation (especially having overspent on things like WorldCon) that I decided I had to just not spend any money on anything frivolous at all.  Any books I saw would have to go onto the Wish List.  I'd have to live without instant food.  I wouldn't go out anywhere.

I wasn't entirely successful, but I was hoping that I'd done ok.  I was terrified to look at my bank balance until today- when it turned out that I _had_ managed to cut a few pounds off my living expenses, and despite a couple of chinese meals, I've at least managed to break even for the month.  Which wouldn't be good enough (I need to _save_ money, not just break even), but seeing as I'm also paying off this debt for the next year, I think breaking even will do me, until I've got that paid off.
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Lies, damn lies...

I was terribly amused to see a headline in The Metro this morning reading (something like) "Metro Readers Horrified by ID Cards".

I wasn't amused by the headline itself though, I was amused when I read down the rest of the article to see that, when asked to choose between (paraphrasing):
"I am horrified by the thought of ID Cards", "ID Cards are a good idea, but I'm not 100% convinced our incompetent government will implement them well" and "ID Cards - everyone should have one stapled to them at birth" 34% of people had said they were horrified at the idea, 35% were fine with them and 28% were in favour (leaving the usual few who know nothing)

Now, technically speaking, the headline was accurate - there were metro readers horrified by ID cards. But equally accurate would have been "2/3 of Metro readers are absolutely fine with ID cards."

Still, they got a nice headline out of it.

Oh - The Metro is owned by the same people as The Daily Mail - which is probably the most horridly right wing paper in the UK mainstream.