October 12th, 2005


Poke Who?

This morning I had to wake surliminal at 4am her bodyclock time (she having just arrived back from the Republic of Dominica).  Fortunately I drugged her last night so that she fell asleep at 11pm and so when I woke her at 9am she was at least conscious, if not actually sentient.

I then went off to work, where I managed to read in XML, parse it for an email's body, track down a policy number, send it to a business service and display the results.  Which is about 50% of what I need to do in order to put this project on the right track, so that's good.

I spoke to a fairly pitiful tisme at 5:00, who was having cat-vomit problems in addition to her own flu problems, adding up to more illness than she thought she could handle.  I told her I'd go over and deliver medicine if she couldn't get anyone else in, but she decided that once dosed up with lemsip she could stagger out for more drugs herself.

I therefore headed over to Hugh's, where I lost £5 at Texas Holdem and £1 at Blind Texas Holdem in honour of George's birthdy, before heading home, where sleep sounds like the bestest thing in the whole wide world.