October 4th, 2005


I feel no shame

It always annoys me when newpspapers go with the line "Rock Star in Sex and Drugs Shame" and when you read the article the person in question isn't actually ashamed at all (well, at least it did when I could bear to read that kind of paper).

So I'd like to make it 100% completely clear that I feel _no shame at all_ at having spent the last 2 hours unable to breathe from the amount of laughter that The 40-year-old Virgin was provoking. I haven't seen anything that funny since Team America, and the closing 3 minutes were funnier than anything I've seen since, ooh, the South Park movie.

It's basically a sexual comedy of errors, with a heart. The kind of thing I find unbearable if the characters are all completely unlikable, but works rather well if its heart is in the right place. I feel the same way about American Pie (the original, not the sequels, obviously).

You'll either love it or hate it.

(octopoid_horror would obviously hate it, sight unseen, from a great distance)
calvin dancing


I know there are a few people on my friends list who are depressed.

They should read this - an article on a set of scientific studies into happiness, and how it works.

amongst the many things they've looked into, they've studied what simple things people can do which increase happiness. It's on page 2 somewhere, but you should take a look at the whole thing.

The Coolest Idea Ever

So, I was chatting to octopoid_horror about whether reality shows or Battlestar Galactica are better, and who the audience for each was, and he said that the audience for SF was people that like lasers and swords.  Which he followed up with a momentous email, containing the best idea ever.


I've had an idea.

This is so cool.

swords, right?

swords that ARE lasers!

they could go "thwooooom, thwoooossh, chhhhiiikkkooow, thwoooooom"

this is the best idea ever.

Needless to say, I think this idea is so cool it should be patented at _once_.

Well, maybe after I've had dinner and watched episode 6 of Lost.