October 1st, 2005


All my troubles seemed so far away

Yesterday was a long day - last day with the old team, so there was a big rush to get everything sorted before my transfer.  In addition one of my teammates was heading off on maternity leave, so there was a long leaving lunch for them.  I ended up leaving at 5:45, but only after telling my manager I'd need to drop into work for a couple of hours today to get things finished off (not that I had to, but if I left it to my colleagues it'd take them a day to work out where I was at and fix it, so it seemed better manners to get things done).

I then headed over to surliminal's, to help her pack, and spent until 10:30 giving her a hand getting organised (and fetching pizzas).  Apparently heading off to The Dominican Republic is stressfull, despite the gorgeous beaches, lovely hotels, swimming pools, etc.  Possibly the "giving a talk in a country where Spanish is the main language" and "Massive storms" was a problem :->

Around 10pm I dashed out in the direction of morrag's party, where I discussed kittens and slash-fic for an hour, before heading back off to make sure that the packing was complete, and tucking surliminal into bed to make sure she was awake for her 7:00 taxi.  Needless to say, with her usual efficiency, she still didn;t make it into bed before 1am, leaving her a small mess when I brought her a cup of tea this morning...

Having pointed her at her taxi, I then went back to sleep until 10:30, before getting up, feeding cats, checking email, dropping into work for 3 hours, coming home, hanging out with 0olong and diotina (who came round to borrow our phone and organise their own line being connected, having moved into a place 20 minutes away from us).  Then I made some food, watched an episode of House, and am now going to collapse with an episode of Lost before I head to bed.

Whoosh, it all seems to have gone very fast.

Tomorrow I'm walking with tisme from her place (nr Chesser) to Balerno, along the Water of Leith, which should be nice.