September 25th, 2005

calvin dancing

When good ideas are implemented very badly indeed

The new "Schools" thing is nice - lifting the idea from Friends Reunited and making it an additional way to find new LJ people.

However....Friends Reunited have the manpower and the focus to make sure that the schools are correct, as well as the regions they are in.  LJ, apparently, hasn't.

Witness the list of "Provinces" in the UK.  Or the number of people enrolled at a certain school in Hogsmeade (Cheers to pickwick for that second example).

According to comments on this post in lj_dev there are now 6 different entries for Moscow.

Even the US has problems, with two entries for Texas, and one for Guam.

This seems to be a classic case of people thinking that a problem is easy "Give the users the ability to enter their own data and it'll save us having to get lists of schools ourselves.", but at the same time not giving the users any guidelines as to how the data should be entered.

At this point I'm mostly wondering if LJ is going to pull it until it can be done properly, or just leave it to fester.