September 5th, 2005



I just woke up from a dream where I was teaching an Orangutang how to use a cellphone, and specifically how to text someone (in reply to the question "How are you?") with the answer "I got smacked down at Quake".

Which reminded me of a conversation I had a few days ago, where I was saying that other people's dreams were really, really dull to listen to, unless kept to two sentence descriptions. When you get a ten minute ramble of "And then I was in the garden, except it wasn't my garden any more, it was the neighbour's garden, and Bob was there, only he looked more like Derek, and he was telling me off for something I'd done when I was 6 - and I didn't even know Bob when I was 6..." I mostly just want to kill myself - it's like reading Alice in Wonderland, except with even less plot and word games. Whereas "I dreamt my grandmother was telling me off for not writing, only she's been dead for 5 years." could well be interesting if it leads onto discussion of grandmothers, responsibility, etc. and "Last night I dreamt I was on a pirate ship, and Johnny Depp was there, and we had sex in the crows nest" is worth it just for the imagery.

I was, however, disagreed with by surliminal and thishardenedarm, who were both of the "other people's dreams are always interesting" camp.

Obviously, the only way to solve this, once and for all, Scientifically, is with an LJ poll:

Other people's dreams are

Kinda interesting
Ok, so long as they're kept really short
Dull as dishwater. No, actually, even duller