August 28th, 2005


Andrew Ducker and the Room of Castles

There's a meeting room at work called the Castle Room.  It is so called because it has a good view of the back of the castle.  It's a fairly unique view, as you can't get it unless you're 5 stories up this particular office building - buildings in front are too close to get the panorama, buildings behind are, of course, blocked by the building itself.

You can see two pictures I took here.  It's worth going to the very largest view of the first picture - which allows you to see Princes Street on the left, and Arthur's Seat on the right, with Calton Hill in the distance on the left, greek monument barely visible.

Rob Newman

Saw Rob Newman tonight - he was very funny, educated and smart. But his show would definitely have worked better as, say, four 1-hour documentaries, shown by the BBC. I hope someone gives them to him. Photos Below
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