August 22nd, 2005

calvin dancing

Let the squeeeeing commence

This post is about Serenity.  If you have no interest in Serenity, Firefly, Joss Whedon or the general idea of Westerns In Space, you should be hitting page down about now.  Everyone else should be clicking on the picture link...

Erin and I went to see Guy X, which was a pretty good movie about a soldier accidentally posted to Greenland rather than Hawaii, and what happens to the people stuck up at this outpost at the edge of everything, where it's daylight half the year and night the other half.  Worth going to see, if not quite as good as Buffalo Soldiers.

Anyway, we came out, perfectly timed (thanks to Erin's detective efforts) just as the cast of Serenity were arriving on the red carpet for the world premier.  We were on the inside, they were on the outside, and the walls of the cinema are made of glass.  I only had my camera-phone with me, which explains the low quality of the pictures, but we had a really good look at them, huge grins plastered  on our faces.

Eventually someone noticed that unlike everyone else about, we weren't VIPs, so we got shuffled out the door onto the concourse, where the _huge_ queue was.  Which was just fine by us, because 7 seconds later, Adam "Jayne" Baldwin stepped out the same door, causing a spontaneous, simultaneous orgasm in the first 70 feet of the queue.  The queue was about 15 feet back, so he waved at them (causing more moistness) and went for a wander down it.  It was on his way back that Erin, unencumbered by being behind the queue-barrier was able to pounce on him and get him to sign her autograph book.

We then watched the rest of them go past and into the cinema (Mal and Simon arrived after we were shuffled out, and Wash didn't seem to be there at all), and then they let us back into the cinema.  Erin sprinted for the returns booth, they made her form the start of a queue (with the 5 people who arrived moments behind her) and then said "Do you have a concession?", which, although she didn't, was possibly the best thing they could have said to her.  I didn't get a ticket, largely because I already felt somewhat nauseous and headachey from the earlier film (damn handicam!) and partially because that was the only one they had at that precise moment - the other people there were almost certainly much bigger fanboys than little old me).

I took Erin and her prize golden ticket to the queue and stood with her for 10 minutes, bumping into fandom grandee Ian Sorensen and his harem, and also Debs from work (another rabid fan).  And then I headed for home...

The photos, by the way, are here.  Warning, I was taking them with a phone, through a glass wall, which had earlier been rained on.  The quality is not high.  But I've labelled them carefully, so you can tell which blur is which.