August 21st, 2005


Last Few Days at the festival

Tao: Martial Art of the Drum was great - 5 male and 4 female drummers go wild on a variety of Japanese drums and a pair of flutes.  Very skilfull, incredibly fit, and rather cute in places.  Well worth a look if you can get to it.

Bill Bailey's band "Beergut 100" were bookended by a few snippets of his comedy music, straight from his stageshow.  But in the middle they were a rather good punk covers band, playing a selection of punk and ska favourites, with the occasional silliness thrown in (including "Tomorrow" from Annie), and cameos from various friends of the band from around the festival - including Rob Newman on ukelele.  Should you like mainstream punk stuff, and have a sense of humour, recommended.

Mirrormask - Neil Gaiman (writer) and Dave McKean (director and artistic genius) produce a modern version of Labyrinth (although it's even close to Coraline, as surliminal pointed out).  It's gorgeous, but the plot and themes are both incoherent to say the least - even compared to Labyrinth.  Very much worth a watch, with brain turned off.  Personally I liked his short films more - I'm looking forward to their forthcoming DVD release.

Thumbsucker - winner of Andy's "best film of the festival so far" award.  The director (there afterwards with Tilda Swinton and Lou Taylor Pucci (the star)) said that people kept comparing it to Garden State and Donnie Darko (this after someone in the audience compared it to Donnie Darko).  It certainly has Donne Darko's 'nobody understands me' teen feel, but it was more like Garden State in it's reality.  Most of all, however, it was its own film - intelligent, funny and sad pretty much all the time.  It's the kind of films actors want to be in, which explains why Tilda Swinton, Vincent D'Onofrio, Vince Vaughn and Benjamin Bratt were all in it.  This is the kind of movie I love.

Last night (the birthday begins)

At 5 past midnight, halfway through an episode of Firefly(Ed and Erin rushing to finish it before Serenity on Wednesday), Lilian rang to wish me happy birthday, which was rather nice :->

I then wandered back into the living room, where Erin and Ed sang Happy Birthday to me, which was also rather nice :->

Now I head bowlingwards, to undoubtedly be badly beaten, which will be nice too :->

I expect a day of niceness.  Even the sun is shining!

Birthday update

We bowled - with Hugh, Meredith, Hal, Adam, Bekka, Rob,Claire, Jackie, Andy, Scott and Lilian. Beginners picked things up by the second game, Scott seemed to forget how to play between games, and I managed to score a creditable 94 in the first, and 141 in the second (with two strikes, three spares, two nines and three eights).

Now back at Hugh's, for board games. George and Nick will be here soon, although sadly not Ed, who isn't feeling up to it.

Now to see if I can also beat people at Robo Rally. If I do, then I'm going to see if I can finally win a game of Settlers of Catan - which I got for my birthday last year and _still_ haven't won a game of...
running lego man

Wiped Out - Birthday aftermath

I'm sitting back at home, listening to the wind blowing through the window and a train passing 150 feet away, inching slowly towards a state of total collapse.

Today was a good birthday.  In fact, combined with the meal on Wednesday it was probably the best birthday I've had since I was too young to know better.

We all arrived back at Hugh's at 3:00, joined shortly thereafter by George and Nick, and then proceeded to play Poker and Robo Rally.  I went for the game of robotic destruction, and while I failed to win, I had a damn good time coming (a predicted) third.  At that point (6:00-ish) half the people leapt off to catch trains back to Bathgate/Stirling and the rest of us settled in for a quick hour-long Poker game, which was exceedingly good fun.

I then decided to quit while I was ahead, and retreated home, along with numerous small presents from people.  I'd told a fair few not to get me anything, but seem to have missed a few, who got me some very cool things.  For instance, Hal got me a lego version of the Anakin/Vader transformation scene, Adam and Bekka got me a brain-melting 3D puzzle, Jackie got me a Zaphod Beeblebrox figure and Lilian got me Nova Scotia - a collection of Scottish Speculative Fiction, which includes writing by Ken Mcleod and Charlie Stross, both of whom I like.

Anyway, have now collapsed, feeling entirely sociaised out, and plan to spend the rest of the evening doing a little tidying up and maybe brushing my hair...
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