August 20th, 2005



Lilian stayed over last night, and so we had _loads_ of time to make it into town to see the Reduced Shakespeare Company. which meant that we arrived in town with nearly, ooh, 13 minutes to spare, and half a city to cross. We parked at Old College, leapt from the car and made a beeline for the Assembly Rooms, about a mile away.

We arrived there 17 minutes later, a mere 4 minutes late, and ready for our hour of compressed humourosity. Lilian checked the tickets (which she'd bought and was holding on to, as I'm clearly not competent to do so) to see which of the rooms we were in.

At which point she discovered that it had been at the Assembly Rooms _last_ year, and that this year it was at the Pleasance, which is about 3 minutes from where we parked the car in the first place, or 20 minutes back across town.

So we gave up, bought some nice food, and went and sat in Princes Street Gardens, loafing in the sun with papers instead.

Also today - me forgetting my ticket for Thumbsucker (movie I'm seeing tonight at the film festival) and Lilian kindly driving me all the way home, and then back to Erin's (where I've spent this afternoon, tending to her hangover and piles of unopened mail). Oh, and Hugh phoning in the middle of all of this to tell me that los parentes offered to buy a board game for me, and would I mind buying it myself, as he was a tad busy. That might have made me a bit late too, but probably not in a statistically significant way, considering...