August 17th, 2005



Tis my Birthday on Sunday.  Today, however, was a teeny event with tisme, eduard_green, 0olong and diotina at Edinburgh's oldest Indian restaurant - Kushi's.  We ate far too much, and I was given three spiffy presents.  diotina and 0olong gave me a teeny beaver figurine and the second Science of Discworld book (yay!) and  tisme gave me the Psychobox, which looks fascinating.  Then we retired to The Forest Cafe for half an hour, before I collapsed from tiredness.

This birthday looks likely to be an odd one.  It feels like the first one I haven't really cared about being any older (although Ed assures me I said similar things last year), and it's the first time I've been unable to think of anything major I wanted.  Heck, I don't even expect my friends to get me anything - it'll just be nice to see them.  Looks like I'll be seeing about 15 people on Sunday, which will be nice.  I feel exhausted just thinking about  it.
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