August 14th, 2005


More gay/lesbian marriage stuff

A lesbian couple have launched a High Court test case in an attempt to win legal recognition in Britain for same-sex marriages. 

The couple, who are British and live in Yorkshire, are seeking a legal declaration of the validity of their Canadian marriage in the UK. Papers have been lodged at the Family Division of the High Court in London and the case is expected to be heard early next year.

The two say that under new legislation, which comes into force in December, they will only be given "second-class status". They will be able to register their relationship under the new Civil Partnership Act as a "civil partnership" and receive many of the legal benefits available to heterosexual married couples. But Ms Kitzinger and Ms Wilkinson, both university professors, believe civil partnership to be both "symbolically and practically a lesser substitute".

The court will be asked to recognise their overseas marriage in the same way that it would recognise that of a heterosexual couple.

They will argue that failure to do so would constitute a breach of their human rights to privacy and family life and their right to marry, and is discriminatory on the basis of their sexuality.

From here.

This will be interesting.  I was surprised when the government decided to bring in civil partnerships rather than same-sex marriages, and I think it's a kludgey solution.  Hopefully this will cause a bit of a rethink, and with a little rewording we'll have gay marriages instead.