August 6th, 2005


Da Pro-dee-jay

Me, guyinahat, lee_lou2, blackworx and jetgrrrl all headed off to The Corn Exchange to see The Prodigy, arriving about an hour after the ticket timeI was nervous about missing the start, with the result that I didn't grab any water - figuring I'd go for some during a song I didn't like.  After about 40 minutes of watching a DJ play tracks that did nothing for me, I decided that I'd risk it and stand in the queue.  I have no idea what process the barmen were using for serving people, but it sucked huge wobbly donkey dick.  The band came on about 5 minutes into my queuing and then made it through _three_ tracks by the time I got to the front of the queue - which had had about 10 people in it.  Even if each person had bought 4 drinks each, that was just _ridiculous_ - and put me in a pretty bloody awful mood.

Fortunately, I was put straight back into a good mood by the band being rather good.  They sadly insisted on playing songs from the latest (not terribly good) album, but all the old stuff sounded great, and once I got into things I was bouncing up and down like some kind of psychotic zebedee impersonator.  By about halfway through it got insanely hot, and after guyinahat and lee_lou2 abandoned their t-shirts I decided to follow suit.  This helped a lot, and I was able to continue the mad bouncing into the second half.  In fact, it was so hot that nearly 1/3 of the people dancing were topless, which I haven't seen before.  When I was near the front (where I inevitably am, come the end of a gig) I was breathing in air that was hotter than the air I was breathing out, which felt distinctly odd, and less than useful.  Fortunately Keith was happy to spray loads of us with water.

The music generally kicked ass, and they played everything you can think of, and the only songs I love they didn't play were the ambient ones, which is hardly surprising.  Not the best gig ever, but rather good fun.

Cheers to guyinahat for telling me about the concert, picking up my ticket and driving us all about!


Not actually a game about werewolves, but rabbits.  I just downloaded the demo and have been amazed, from playing through the tutorial, at how fluid everything is.  It all hangs together very nicely, and the movement seems extremely flexible.  If you've got broadband I recommend you give it a look.
calvin dancing

I'm a dick

I completely failed to realise that yesterday was Friday (because I'd been off work all day at the Worldcon) and thus I could have got to the post office before it shut (at 7:00) and got the parcel for Hugh.  I'm an idiot!  And he's an idiot for not pointing that out to me!


The TechnoLlama pointed me towards this image:

which shows Firefox takeup across Europe.  What's most interesting to me is that low levels are Green (for safety) and high levels are Red (for danger).  One wonders why...