August 5th, 2005



Back briefly from the Worldcon to see The Prodigy, who are playing The Corn Exchange tonight - I'm meeting up with Guy later on to get a lift down and dance my socks off with him.

Worldcon so far is good fun, and I've met up with loads of people for cool conversation, appeared on 1 and a half panels (the half being an argumentative panel that I volunteered for at the last minute and was basically a conversation we'd have had anyway, only with about 20 people in the audience (which we basically sat _in_ so that they could join in as necessary).

I also made it to a fab panel on Hard-SF/Soft SF, where I got to watch Geoff Ryman and Ian MacDonald talk about Mundane SF, which was entertaining (and about 20 minutes too short), and an interesting one on become the establishment, where various older fans talked about the fact that they now felt like they'd become part of the establishment despite still not feeling they _were_ part of it.  I was able to help out a little bit by pointing out there's a difference between being established and being part of the establishment.  Oh, and listened to 60s fan Pete Weston talking about how much better the 21st century was than the 1960s, when everyone at cons wore shirts and ties, ate terrible food and stood up when the national anthem played at TV-close-down.

Back off again tomorrow so that I can help Geek-up another con-goer at "Geek Eye for the Mundane Guy", which should be fun.  In the meantime, I'm finishing up reading Flick's "Shiny" and 3rd Row Fandom's "Meta", both of which are fun.


Great News Everyone!
Ed ordered Pizza, and they sent him the wrong one, so I phoned up and complained, so they sent the right one.  And I offered them the old one to take away, but they said to keep it!  Free Pizza!

Terrible News Everyone
Hugh's starting a new fantasy game up, so  - in a bid to avoid playing AD&D  - I ordered Glorantha from Leisure Games, who took from Sunday (when I placed the order) to 6pm on post it to me, meaning it arrived on Thursday (when I was out) and it's now too late to go to the post office and get it and give it to Hugh to read over the weekend while he's off LARPing.  So I'll have to give it to him on Monday instead, which leave him precious little time before he has to start sorting out gaming things on Thursday.  Gah.
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